Gun Control: Reaction to Alex Jones

Alex Jones claims Gun Control takes away our Freedom. He claims knives kill more people.

There is also a statistic, which states that cities with strict gun rules tend to have more gun violence.

I present Alex Jones with 8 objections.  

Objection 1: Coercion is not inherently wrong because morality isn’t about securing ffreedom. It’s about being just. If restricting property right lets us secure happiness or cultivate a positive character, then it is right.


Even when we stop a rapist who yearns to restrict another’s freedom, the calculus of freedoms is the same. (A= incident of rape, B= stopping rapist. Case A:one freedom restricted while other flourishes Case B: one freedom restricted while other flourishes) Some may argue the degree of harm is different, therefore not a good example. What if the only way to stop the rapist was through murder because he was holding a gun? Would you shoot him and save the victim? I’d encourage it, because there is more to morality than simple pleasure. The Virtue or character of the actor and his or her intentions matter as much as the pleasures gained or lost from an act. We shouldn’t respect freedoms equally. We should respect them based on one’s character or the consequences of his or her actions.


Freedom is not inherently good. We don’t necessarily deserve ownership.

Private property should serve what is moral. We weren’t born with the right to property. We claimed it as such due to its convenience.


Objection 2: The vey notion of Freedom is arbitrary. There is much evidence against Free Will. As individuals we cannot ever escape the confines of our culture and physical realities. Neuroscience also tells us that our conscious selves are aware of our actions a few mili seconds after they happen.


Communitarians argue that, in addition to voluntary and universal duties, we also have obligations of membership, solidarity, and loyalty. These obligations are not necessarily based on consent. We inherit our past, and our identities, from our family, city, or country.


Objection 3: Even if knives kill more than Guns, Guns still kill. Knives have many functions other than murder. Guns have one.


Objection 4: Of course we should change our culture and prevent people from practicing violence through education, but that does not negate Gun control. It can happen alongside Gun control.


Objection 5: Gun control doesn’t magically evaporate all existing problems. Guns still kill. Minimizing loss is important.


Objection 6: Gun rights embody a perverted sense of freedom the US tends to favor. When debunked, it’ll help us move towards a healthier relationship with freedom.


Objection 7: No one statistic tells us the whole picture. It’s true that fatal gun violence has decreased, but non-fatal gun violence and gun suicides have increased proportionally to the increase of gun ownership.


Objection 8: Alex Jones claims that increased gun ownership causes decrease of violent crimes. That is a very uneducated and dangerous form of fear mongering. There are many factors that trigger violent crimes. First, present your data that gun ownership is the decisive factor of decreasing violent crimes or else it’s the same as saying : a) I see a lot of Asians around. b) There’s a cold virus going around. c) Asians directly from Asia tend to have viruses Americans do not. d) Therefore, Asians cause the disease…. It’s just pitiful how millions fall into such fallacious logic. First, you have to prove with substantial evidence that gun ownership or increased Asians is what causes decrease of violence or the virus instead of correlating random data. Second, gun violence happens due to guns. Violence happens due to human nature and many external factors such as scarcity of resources, hostile culture, etc.


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