I am a patriot
Therefore, I am anti-american
Yearning for the place where I first shed tears
where the beauty of music first entranced my ears
where I was shown mercy and compassion
where I was taught to think,
is my America.

Despite my years of studying music,
I still cannot stop listening to hip hop.
The kind of hip hop that makes you cringe and frown,
for it is a memory of passion and blissful idiocy.

Art isn’t about picking and choosing.
Sincerity, passion, and creativity.
Sincerity is the modest and friendly local ingredients.
Passion is the sweat and artistry involved in preparing a dish.
Creativity is the spontaneous spice to an already spectacular soup.
Art combines all three attributes.
Art is an act of embracing.

For these reasons, I regard my America as Art.
A piece of music that embraces and heightens the lives of its listeners.
A place I’m proud to call home.
A place worth fighting for.


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