Malice in Kindness and Humility

We idealize kindness and consequently ruin it.
Instead of tying it to good actions, we relate it to tolerable character.
Kindness has become comfort rather than Goodness.
Comfort prevails over the Good.
Our priorities tarnish reddish hues of tenderness.

Despising celebrities who do good for others,
Twisted humility prevails over decency,
Selfish pleasure commands moral sensibility.
The depth of our idealism is shallow.
Our horizons are narrow.

Idealism thrives when it affirms life.
To free and liberate all persons.
Nowadays, kindness means a Heart of Gold.
As if all persons gleam Gold.
Nature has gifted us with a full palette.
Gold does not lead to virtue.
Heart of Gold and a motorcycle invoke misogynistic fantasies.

Kindness must transform into the Good.
Humility must serve the Good.
Comfort must be abolished.
Priorities must change.



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