Aliens show Democracy and Modernity

Let’s suppose an alien race came down with innovative gadgets and culture which won over the hearts of our Youth. Would the Old be satisfied with the gradual loss of their traditions and culture? Unfortunately, the same has happened in all developing nations. Cultural imperialism is a fact. I am a product of its ever-growing reign.

Violence decreases when we’re not hungry. We have killed more than ever in the past century, but more of us populate this planet than ever before. Steven Pinker‘s The Better Angles of Our Nature provides statistics which show how you are more likely to lose your life in an uncivilized hunter-gatherer society. Rape and raids were pastimes. There were no Women’s rights and there was no State which guaranteed civil safety. Proportionately, Genghis Khan had killed more than the infamous casualties of World War II. Modernization doesn’t eradicate our violent affinities and impulses. That’s just wishful thinking. However, it does make us prefer non-violent debates and produce weapons so destructive its usage defeats the purpose of profit and utility. The very fact that my grandmother who lived in South Korea during its uncivilized past (recorded as the world’s poorest nations only 50 years ago), now living in a nice home with all of her needs met, is a testament to the strength of Korea’s hard won Democracy. As the tide turns, Scientific thinking and Western Democracy will swallow perhaps the entire globe. I’m not resentful. Like Carl Sagan and Bertrand Russell, I believe it is more important for us to be able to wet our feet in Scientific thinking rather than fearing it. How would we be able to choose its necessary improvements when we are blind to its ways? The fortitude and power of Science will not disappear. We must rise up to the challenge. If that means abandoning our tribes and traditions, so be it. I’d rather be a race traitor than a fool.

A brief video of Pinker Explaining His Book

 “Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, Thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought is great and swift and free.” Bertrand Russell


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