Wall Street and The Death Penalty

There is no sensible argument for the Death Penalty or should I call it human sacrifice. Instead of regurgitating the transparent and unmissable moral deficiencies of capital punishment , I’d like to explore the unseen depravity lurking beneath it. I’d like to uncover the wickedness that lie within our priorities. When a death row inmate is sent to be injected, he or she probably murdered a few in unimaginably horrendous ways. Clearly reprehensible. When a Wall Street banker demolishes the market, economy, houses and savings of hundreds of millions, consequently resulting in poverty or even starvation, he or she sees the dawn of daybreak every morning. With no rusty bars that only further illuminate one’s repugnant crimes and misery. Given these facts, I cannot help but believe that we perform fellatio for the Wealthy. We tolerate their rape and torture, whilst they snort cocaine and treat women like phallic receptacles, whilst young Black men feel the haunting chill of handcuffs for a few grams of marijuana. I have not successfully imprisoned any of these fiends. I contribute meagerly to causes which threaten their legitimacy. The one humane thing I do is engulfing myself with wrath and anger until my bones feel it’s tremor. My fury should not rest as pitiful and meek, avoided as “uncool” or “radical”. Neither should yours.


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