The Ultimate test of Atheism: the US or Democracy?

A) Moral duties precede one’s duty to the US, even if he or she is a US citizen.
The US has caused much unnecessary and heinous suffering across the world.
It is moral to criticize immoral deeds.
Therefore, one should criticize the military and corporate driven crimes of the US

B) It is the case that Religion is not our ideal mode of discourse.
It is the case that Democracy is our best mode of discourse.
Not all Religions disrupt democratic conversations.
However, many make it easier to.
Therefore, Religion is not necessarily the ideal mode of discourse.

C) Secularism does not necessarily lead to Democratic debates.
Secularism does make it easier to.
Therefore, one is more likely to flourish Democracy through secularism. (inductive claim)

D) It is the case that ISIS does not cause as much suffering as the US
It is the case that the US causes more pleasure than ISIS.
One should try to take the position which causes the least suffering.
One should support positions that systematically produce less suffering.
Democracy systematically produces less suffering.
The US doesn’t.
ISIS doesn’t.
Therefore, one should support Democracy.

E) Democracy which obeys corporatism or marxism is not a true democracy.
A participatory democracy with no electoral college and a democratic culture which embraces the art of democratic debate and constructive arguments form true democracy.
Every usage of the term Democracy in the arguments above is equivalent to true democracy.

* If you wish to see the reasons why I choose a utilitarian, teleological, and communitarian approach, read my entry “Letter to a Moral relativist”


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