After Nina Davaluri won the Miss America pageant, my fellow Americans responded quite favorably:

“I swear I’m not racist, but this is America.”
She’s American.
“9/11 was 4 days ago and she gets miss America?”
She’s not from the Middle East. Her family’s from India. Also, is there a problem with an Arab American winning?
“Miss America or miss Al Qaeda?”
“Miss America? You mean miss 7-11.”
“Miss America, footlong buffalo chicken on whole wheat. Please and thank you.”
This is why America’s obese.
“Miss Kansas should’ve won. She represents true America.”
So, the South = America?

Whether you like it or not, the Hispanic population will take over. You must acknowledge the FACT that immigrants have been particularly important to the foundation and continuation of this country. I’ve heard that ignorance can often add spice to love making, as darkness allows imagination replace vision. Certainly, my people do like to take a walk through a damp, jet-black tunnel with our daughters’ hands. Barry White once said, “Love is the only thing one cannot get enough of.” Some Americans have taken up on Barry’s advice to push the boundaries of love; Trans-parental or trans-age would be the products of this courageous endeavor. Some even show the guts to go Trans-ethics. Nietzsche would be proud.


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