A) David Hume

His take on emotions, reason, beauty, and free will as well as his piercing critiques like the is-ought distinction have stood the test of time.

B) Henry Sidgwick

His careful, analytic, and objective account of morality has stood the test of time.

C) Immanuel Kant

His philosophy may not as coherent, but it’s so full of useful things. His careful logic continues to challenge me and has thus stood the test of time.

D) Epictetus

His stoicism is as useful today as it was before.

E) Spinoza

The very first philosopher I’ve read and his take on passions and metaphysics still continue to astound me.


A) Ludwig Wittgenstein

I don’t agree with him on many points, but his challenges have made me re-think and re-analyze my assumptions again and again. I’ve heard it is the same for many.

B) Derek Parfit

No one has challenged me the way Parfit has. He even convinced me haha.

C) Michael Sandel

What more can I say, other than the fact that this man has been my greatest teacher?

D) Peter Singer

This man has literally changed my life and pushed me to become more ethical in unprecedented ways.

E) Shelly Kagan

Kagan has enlightened me a year ago and he continues to do so.

F) Patricia Churchland

I use her books as references all the time. What more do I need to say?


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