Wily, wistful, and wrought with greatest care
A renegade renders readers bone-chilling air
She unsheathes her sword, her enemy shrinks and shivers
Bereft of cowardice: Begone bearers of lilies and livers!

Enmity enamels her enemies’ bloodlust
Fixated on the fixity of fixed plans, they must
Ambush her from bushes, Bushido disregarded
Clad with blood, climbin’ up trees, silent and guarded

Good riddance to Gold; I uphold Gods of the Old
My life-long-lock chains me to duties of mold-
ing and protecting a bright and innocent child
Whose smile brings serenity to weary souls in the wild.

Teardrops tackled and took down by rocks
Gilbert once predicted such a short-sharp-shock
Kanbalian safe-keeping, keeping my promise
Exiles ex gratia, ex-dwellers of the abyss.


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