Let me begin with this: the Interview is not a radical movie. It uses the same superficial rhetoric against North Korea without addressing some of the deeper issues as to why it is the way it is. It is a vapid and stupid movie by Seth Rogen.

North Korea is bizarre. I admit that. But its strangeness isn’t always inexplicable. Suppose that you were living in a country cut-off from the rest of the world, and that you were brain-washed to believe that your leader is a God who defends you from a wretched imperialist power –the US. The US did do terrible things so it makes it much easier to believe: military operations a month before the 1953 armistice carried out an attack in the major irrigation dam, causing a flash flood that scooped clear 27 miles of valley below. Along with other attacks on dams, this devastated 75% of the controlled water supply for North Korea’s rice production. Plus, religion has shown that if you brain-wash people the right way, they will believe in all sorts of things: 72 virgins, the virgin birth, resurrection, and walking on water. This explains the divine myths surrounding the leaders and the people’s undying devotion to them.

Take a look at North Korea’s socio-political position and you will understand why it cannot hold back on its military budget. Is there not a superpower that had virtually leveled its country carrying out simulated nuclear attacks on its borders by the most advanced and sophisticated bombers in the world, stealth B-2s and B-52s ? Did they not see what happened to Iraq by the man who called them the “Axis of Evil?”

It sickens me to see people make fun of North Korea, sanctimoniously criticizing them, speaking of the authoritarian regime of North Korea as the only entity obstructing the people’s way to “freedom.” They usually criticize North Korea for its human rights violations, and its posession and selling of nuclear weapons. But what about the US’s contributions to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the Korean people’s suffering? Did the US not pressure Israel to reject North Korea’s offer to end missile exports to the Middle East in return for diplomatic recognition in 1993? Didn’t the US freeze North Korea’s hard currency accounts, including proceeds from legitimate foreign trade?   

It does not help the people of North Korea to make fun of them, while the US isolates them culturally, politically, and economically. Movies like the Interview will do nothing but isolate this tragic country even more. If the US is truly interested in the unification of the two Korea’s and the reducing of suffering, they need to let them legitimately compete in the global market. This paves way for the South Koreans to pursue unification because South Korea is afraid of pouring in billions like Germany did. A more vibrant economy will cost the South less. This reduces suffering because less will starve. This reduces nuclear weapons, because as we have seen in 1993 and 1994 (Framework Agreement), North Korea will agree to stop selling weapons and dismantle reactors for economic reasons. We need to stop laughing at this tragic country and instead do something about it. We can. We live in the one country that can make this happen.


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