I think the argument that the Electoral College ensures candidates to not neglect smaller states is self-defeating, because the Electoral College allows its electorates to vote against the will of these small states. Plus, the Electoral College process doesn’t actually take into account the will of these small states — or any state — even if the electors were faithful. It is a winner-takes-all system that ignores millions of conservative voters in states like California or New York. So, in essence, the Electoral College only takes into account the majority (which is usually by a small margin like 50 or 60%) of a given state. It doesn’t matter whether 40-50% of the population voted otherwise.

Many people argue that we need to, more or less, equally weigh the votes of smaller states, because we need to listen to every culture in the United States. This is, again, self-defeating, because the Electoral College ignores the culture of each state. The culture of a state is a hodge-podge of different political beliefs, yet this process only listens to one voice. It’s especially ironic that many who argue in favor of the Electoral College support Voter ID laws that ignore 11% of US citizens that do not own government-issued photo identification — which disproportionately affects African Americans, 25% of whom do not own a government-issued photo ID. If one really believes that our leigslators must represent every culture in this country, then they cannot possibly support the Electoral College which cherry-picks which culture to represent and has the potential to disobey the will of the people.

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