Napoleon, Rockefeller

This is my new track! It was specifically written to be a rap song, so it sounds more hip-hop than Dior. You can also find the poem recited by the end of the song here: Empire



Once a star that enameled the sky
Came down to greet the folks who dwell on earth
That’s when a boy sensed its magic so spry
The heav’nly body then consumed his heart!
Astral magic flew astoundingly high
Henceforth, Calcifer resided in a hearth.

Calcifer then roughcasted a castle
That walked for miles throughout the vast terrains
The boy became a wizard with a vassal
And began their journey of many tales
Practicin’ spells high-brow like a tassel
Appeared as free but, in fact, wreathed by chains

Of magic so dark and mysterious
Reflected in the wizard’s carefree life
Whose antics made the queen so furious
She sent her minions to arrest him
Dark critters of the night – insidious
From this day on, he was plagued by strife

Calcifer drew in more unpleasantries:
The abominable Witch of the Waste!
She would’t vanish from an oncoming breeze
Doused in wrath, pride, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust
A wretched soul no man could ever please
Who could never climb the queen’s stairs in haste

Do not be afraid, here comes our lady,
Whose eyes transcend the passage of time
Vanquishin’ all the filth and the shady
Her name is Sophie, our dame of the weak
Reliably wise from twenty to eighty
Since she present’st a pure unstained prime*

O return the flame back to the night sky
The day she makes whole the heartless is nigh!

The rhyme scheme is in ABACAB; I got the idea from the song ABACAB by Genesis. The song isn’t that great.

*8th line from Shakespeare’s Sonnet LXX


The fate of man never so dire
Meltin’ free will, no words to choose
A decent man must be a liar

Our ever-expanding empire
No morality left to lose
The fate of man never so dire

A bigot’s glory we admire
Apologetics on the news
A decent man must be a liar

Let the Middle East burn in fire
Women and men, children and bruise
The fate of man never so dire

Decency has gone to retire
Vanishin’ songs of the Old muse
A decent man must be a liar

Smokes of war seem to rise much higher
Pick up your arms ‘n’ sing the blues:
The fate of man never so dire
A decent man must be a liar


Wily, wistful, and wrought with greatest care
A renegade renders readers bone-chilling air
She unsheathes her sword, her enemy shrinks and shivers
Bereft of cowardice: Begone bearers of lilies and livers!

Enmity enamels her enemies’ bloodlust
Fixated on the fixity of fixed plans, they must
Ambush her from bushes, Bushido disregarded
Clad with blood, climbin’ up trees, silent and guarded

Good riddance to Gold; I uphold Gods of the Old
My life-long-lock chains me to duties of mold-
ing and protecting a bright and innocent child
Whose smile brings serenity to weary souls in the wild.

Teardrops tackled and took down by rocks
Gilbert once predicted such a short-sharp-shock
Kanbalian safe-keeping, keeping my promise
Exiles ex gratia, ex-dwellers of the abyss.


My name is Ian
whose story’s Hegelian,
who rejects the Kantian,
and embraces the Quinian
Dennetian materialism, Nietzschean prosody
I play with words in Gainsbourgien comedy

Here’s my friend Aesk
An Ayn Rand-esque,
Ron Reagan-esque,
Rothbardian gal.
We often disagree, rather diametrically.
Thèse-antithèse, disputin’ dialectically

My half-brother is
and quasi-idealist
Quizzically, he flips through Lacanian sophistry
Postmodern theologian, he caters to the ministry

We, together,
feel quasi-Freudian
towards our mother.

The One

Socrates portrayed Sisyphean truth
That knowledge begets ample ignorance
Like curious eyes inspecting a luth-
ier, as Kant affects a severance
Of the synthetic and analytic.
But all such feats, to him, seem comedic
Thou must be the One who weaves Stars n’ Suns
Whose sword called forth great walls against the Huns

Dedicated to the sexual prowess of Stephen Osika, hallowed as singular and irresistible.